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Haggar and Prince Lotor by theneonwerewolfltltmy mom is always
Lotor, Voltron
Prince Lotor from Voltron Legendary Defender
WHEN WAS PRINCE LOTOR BORN? - Lotor's Mother Issues | Voltron: Legendary Defender Theory
New Prince Lotor
#savemyship #lotura #lotor #allura Prince Lotor, Cosplay, Netflix, Random
Haggar, Lotor and the Voltron Fandom 3 seconds after Season 2 aired
Voltron Legendary Defender - Someone finished Lotor's face! It looks good this way.
gyodragon: “The 'Lotor carries Haggar to her final death like one would carry a child to bed' idea I had to draw ;__; (I NEED MOTHER-SON ANGST) ”
Lotor. Lotor Haggar Voltron, Prince ...
FIRST OF ALL I called that Lotor wasn't full Galra in his first appearance and SECOND OF ALL I called that Haggar was his Mom because we have no other known ...
Coran, Haggar, Lotor and her are the last four (known) Alteans alive, gotta keep the race going somehow.
oh look its loreal!! thats his name right?1?11?
Lotor you, you Bastard! Unhand my Husbando #2
lotor & haggar by m0rket
Okay but is anyone gonna mention how the galra are like essentially immortal? Like, I get how zarkon and Haggar are still alive, quintessence, but Lotor?
Prince Lotor
Prince Lotor - by cherryandsisters Voltron Ships, Form Voltron, Voltron Klance, Amai,
Lotor / Haggar / Voltron / prince Lotor
I've pinned this before but this is me on a daily basis
cherryandsisters Voltron Prince Lotor, Voltron Klance, Voltron Force, Voltron Fanart, Voltron Ships
prince lotor is certainly quite a beautiful creature isn't he?
Zarkon's son, Prince Lotor, was first introduced in season three as the successor to the Galra throne, and we knew almost immediately he would be a ...
I liked this AU where Lance is Haggar's kid so I drew a scene I liked. The Son of Haggar part 1
Fabulous Lotor!!
Sketches of Voltron: Lotor by AtreJane
Prince Lotor & Princess Allura Voltron Defender of The Universe Fan Pictures
deadlyfussel fan art of Haggar/Honerva and Lotor “Don't take my pride and joy Don't take my baby boy”
some altean prince lotor for yall
Prince Lotor & Princess Allura from Voltron Comic Books | Voltron | Pinterest | Prince lotor, Voltron comics and Princess allura
inthenameoflotor | Tumblr · #lotor #allura #lotura #zarkon #haggar #zaggar #voltron #keith #shiro #lance #hunk #pidge #matt #coran
Prince Lotor, Acxa, Zethrid, Ezor and Narti from Voltron Legendary Defender
"Summon Prince Lotor." Almost done with Haggar! Just need to finish the sleeve hems on the tunic and then make the under shirt. Gonna be the witch mom at ...
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Haggar and Prince Lotor - by theneonwerewolf <
cherryandsisters: a child you don't recognize. Haggar and Lotor fan art.
also little sketch of lotor with a braid
Excuse me they're all dating and in like be it's the classroom c lesbian polyship: Stone Butch, creepy one, cheery/crazy acrobat, and super smart one
Yo the dress Honerva is wearing looks exactly like Alluras mom's dress. Headcannon: Honerva and Alluras mom were friends and she was probably Honerva's maid ...
Prince Lotor - 'Voltron'
holy crap, u guys, i know he's bad but he's also GOOD
Also why out of everyone lotor supposed to be mom's cat kova is with narti and not him. So I just think that narti might have some special ties with him.
As far as character development goes, Allura's newfound connection with Lotor is intriguing and Lance continues to mature in a satisfying way. Haggar seems ...
Voltron / Lotor
I never thought this would be Keith & Lotor's first interaction
Haggar the Altean Galra Space Witch from Voltron Legendary Defender
Картинки по запросу lotor voltron
Prince Lotor with an altean markings =)) sooo cute sooo vulnerable! SEASON 5th IS GREAT THANK U GOD FOR VOLTRON!
Lotor: Hey! I saved your life! Keith: You didn't save my life, you ruined my death, that's what you did! dalbe-retusa: my prediction for season 5
Lotor's got one of Allura's mice in his hair.
voltron lotor | Tumblr
He would look hot with short hair too.but i love his long hair.let me comb your fabulous hair ,babe.
vld-news: “ “ kihyunryu: Just Lotor Idea sketch~ #lotor #rain #disobedientchild #불효자는웁니다#voltron kihyunryu: Rainy Sunday…
Lance | Prince Lotor XD
✨Baby Keef and his mom✨ I really, really can't wait for the next season and I hope we can see a flashback where Krolia is with his baby Keith.
Keith: FUcK NAh bITcH *attacks lotor*
So about that new Lotor clip.
Thunk and Lotor have the same voice actor, add that to the list of things I didn't need to know but I am very happy that I know
... but Shiro's off screen attacking and providing the goo, shooting the goo tube like a fire hose. He laughs like a mad man when he gets Lotor in ...
some altean prince lotor for yall
I just...... lotor ur generals wer s'possed to be ur hurt kicking squad..... not get ur butt kicked BY squad.
Short hair lotor edits ○ ○ ○ ○ Credit to @thekatyariver ○ ○ ○ ○ #voltron #lancemcclain #keithkogane #hunkgarret #pidgegunderson #shiro…
Prince Lotor Voltron Yuri!!! On Ice Crossover
Image result for voltron season 7 allura lotor
prince lotor | Prince Lotor: Lotor kisses Merla
Prince Lotor the evil Galra Prince from Voltron Legendary Defender
I support this wholeheartedly, just make him Keith's long lost brother
Summon Prince Lotor | prinzcake: no one can stop me now i have all the.
I prefer Lotor. He was a gorgeous, sweet-talking asshole who definitely had some good deep down inside(& I believe that he had real feelings for Allura).
Tiny baby AHAHAHAHAAHA// Lotor is the height of Lance in fanfics
Voltron ✰ Legendary Defender #Cartoon little Keith 2/2 auntie haggar
guys guys, it's been announced that lotor is not as evil as his father
If Lotor and his generals piloted Voltron Mutant Ninja, Teenage Mutant, Random Things,
voltron legendary defender haggar
Right! This mark on face of course.
Keith / Lance | Prince Lotor
*this scene happens* me in the deepest darkest corner of my room snuggled in blankets: so cute
gumballbitch: „they were a real family once“ fan art of Honerva, Lotor, and Zarkon
Lotor and Allura
Young lotor
Keith VS Lotor the evil Galra Prince from Voltron Legendary Defender
LOTOR (Prince Sincline in Beast King Golion)) 싱클라인이 안나오면 니가 대신 해라
From Honerva to Haggar from Voltron Legendary Defender
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If Lotor got Lance Keith would die
Lotor / Allura / Voltron
Squid with Elbows | Voltron: Legendary Defender | Pinterest | Voltron klance, Form voltron and Klance
Lotor is Loki
Space mom, dad, and son
Soooo cute, fabulous baby Lotor Fun Time, Prince Lotor, Join, Babies,
lotor ur generals wer s'possed to be ur hurt kicking squad. not get ur butt kicked BY squad. < < < don't worry Lotor he is going to be a good guy now ...
Princess Allura & Prince Lotor Voltron Legendary Defender Artwork
Great so we can all agree that Honerva is still beautiful even after 10,000 years of stress
Voltron Season 4 Lotor's Generals, Shipping
2/6 keith and lotor
Voltron voice actors as their characters. A.J. LoCascio as Prince Lotor
Allura's mom(?)
Lotor and Voltron team
Don't know what you're on about. Allura should be on the bastard side. Allura is NOT VALID :l